Das Mädchen im Feuer

Conny Schwarz

Das Mädchen im Feuer


384 pages
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6241-2

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A Crime Novel
ca. 384 pp.
Spring 2014

“A great debut with a dishevelled heroine which takes the reader’s heart easily.” Kölner Stadanzeiger

Thea Dombrowski – local reporter, single mother, distinguishing mark: eye patch

In a hollow in the middle of Southern Germany’s no-man’s-land, where it is always a little bit colder and always a little bit darker than elsewhere, lays the little city of Wartenburg. It is Thea Dombrowski’s home town, and she never thought that she would ever return here. She has just moved from Berlin with her little daughter Mari back to her mother who got her a position as an editor at the local newspaper. Try as she might, Thea has difficulties adjusting to the small town’s rigid structure. But just when she thought that she could not live here another day, a murder took place: a little girl from an ethnic German emigrant family from Russia died a horrible death in a fire. Together with her old school friend Daniel, now a detective chief superintendent at the Wartenburg police department, Thea started looking for clues – and is suddenly more entangled in the investigations than she would have liked.

Conny Schwarz
grew up in Southern Germany and moved the centre of her life during her studies in the mid 1990s to Berlin. This was followed by diverse jobs in film and television as well as extended stays in Italy and the South of France. Conny Schwarz now lives with two children in Berlin and the Havelland.

Conny Schwarz

Conny Schwarz ist das Pseudonym des Autorenduos Kristin Uhlig und Martin Maurer. Beide sind in Süddeutschland aufgewachsen, schreiben Drehbücher für Film und Fernsehen und leben, mit einigen Unterbrechungen, seit fast zwanzig Jahren in Berlin. Bei DuMont erschien bislang ›Das Mädchen im Feuer‹ (2014).