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256 pages
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Ulrich C. Schreiber
[Cross Stone]
A Crime Novel, 224 pp.

Warning, Falling Rocks!

Henno Allenstein is a geology professor in Cologne. One day, he receives a package without a return address. It contains a piece of basalt that turns out to be part of a wayside cross. That same day, the police commissioner Gabriele Kronberg asks him to come to a nearby quarry. Numerous houses were destroyed and two persons were killed as a result of a rock fall. Someone seems to have helped matters along with explosives. When another quarry explodes, killing a further person, it becomes clear that it is not a coincidence. Allenstein and Kronberg feverishly search for leads to find the perpetrator. What significance do the clues from the environment of the Catholic Church have?

A thrilling crime novel that leads the reader to the depths of earthly stone and the abyss of the human soul.

Ulrich C. Schreiber, born 1956, studied geology, chemistry and geochemistry. His research took him to Namibia, Argentina and the Pacific. He has been a professor of general geology at the University of Duisburg-Essen since 1996. His first novel “Die Flucht der Ameisen” was published in 2006.

Ulrich C. Schreiber

Ulrich C. Schreiber, geboren 1956, studierte Geologie, Chemie und Geochemie. Seine Forschungen führten ihn nach Namibia, Argentinien und in den pazifischen Raum. Seit 1996 ist er Professor für Allgemeine Geologie an der Universität Duisburg-Essen. Sein erster Roman ›Die Flucht der Ameisen‹ erschien 2006. 2010 erschien bei DuMont ›Kreuzstein‹.