Der Balkanizer

Danko Rabrenović

Der Balkanizer

Ein Jugo in Deutschland

192 pages
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First day of sale: 19.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6338-9

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DER BALKANIZER. Ein Jugo in Deutschland/
THE BALKANIZER. A Yugo in Germany

Danko Rabrenović is an interpreter of souls
»Russian disco in Balkanese – funny and deep.« rbb Radio Berlin Brandenburg

Home is a feeling – and humour knows no boundaries

Are ‘Yugos’ born as fans of Roma brass bands? Why do people in the Balkans swear genital-fixated, while the Germans swear anal-fixated? What is the migrant worker dichotomy? The radio presenter and musician Danko Rabrenovic, known to his fans as ‘the Balkanizer’, tells his stories of being a migrant in Germany in a pointed and hilariously funny manner and elucidates about the cultural differences between Germans and ‘Yugos’: Why do Germans insist on paying separately in restaurants? Quite incidentally, he disentangles the jumble of ex-Yugoslavian language and descent. An equally entertaining as enlightening report from Germany’s second-largest immigrant community, which unsparingly holds up the proverbial mirror to the Germans and ‘Yugos’.

Danko Rabrenović comes from a Yugoslavian journalist family. As a child, he spent three years in China, where his parents worked as foreign correspondants. He came to Germany shortly before the Yugoslav war broke out – and stayed, in order to avoid being called up. He studied English and Media at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. He now works as an author and radio presenter at the WDR. He is also singer and guitarrist of the Balkan-Ska-Band »Trovaci«.

Danko Rabrenović

Danko Rabrenović wurde in Zagreb geboren, wuchs in Belgrad auf und lebte als Kind mit seinen Eltern drei Jahre in Peking. Kurz nach Ausbruch des Jugoslawienkrieges kam er nach Deutschland. In seiner wöchentlichen Radiosendung »Balkanizer« auf WDR Funkhaus Europa spielt er Balkan-Musik und spricht mit seinen Gästen über ihre persönlichen »Balkan-Geschichten«. Rabrenović ist außerdem Sänger und Gitarrist der Band Trovači (