Das Luxuslexikon

Alexander Marguier

Das Luxuslexikon

Das Beste, was für Geld zu haben ist

288 pages
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ISBN 978-3-8321-6157-6

Alexander Marguier
Das Luxuslexikon - Das Beste was für Geld zu haben ist/
The Encyclopaedia of Luxury - The Best that Money Can Buy

About 270 pages
new in paperback spring 2011

“This work of real decadence knows advice and sources of supply”. Stern

“The Encyclopedia of Luxury is appreciated as a worthy companion for Elle”. Elle

“Marguier delights his readers with perfidious wit”. Die Welt

Welcome to the world of beautiful things

Alexander Marguier reveals to you why you should indulge yourself with a tailor-made suit, where to order it, and where to find the addresses of the best Japanese koi-breeders for your garden pond. If you are looking for the most exclusive men’s underwear (by "Zimmerli" of course) or the finest gloves (by the French manufacturer "Lavabre Cadet"), or for caviar, lobster or vodka, wristwatches, speech writers or a hat: Alexander Maguire’s Encyclopaedia of Luxury tells you what is really luxurious.

With knowledge, a good sense of humour and an immaculate sense of style, he caters for a sophisticated lifestyle and for a liberated consumer with exquisite tastes.

His playful guide through the world of goods is still characterised by his respect for a good piece of craftsmanship, be it jeans, chocolate or a yacht. Alexander Marguier’s witty features separate the wheat from the chaff and offer the ultimate ranking of luxury-goods.

Alexander Marguier is an authority on questions of taste and cultivation of style.

Ultimate guide to luxury goods with helpful advice and addresses.

Alexander Marguier

Alexander Marguier, geboren 1969 im schwäbischen Horb, lebt in Berlin. Er arbeitete für die FAZ und als Politikredakteur der Welt am Sonntag. Während der letzten neun Jahre verantwortete er das Gesellschafts-Ressort der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, seit Juli 2010 ist er stellvertretender Chefredakteur des Magazins Cicero. Im DuMont Buchverlag erschienen ›Das Luxuslexikon‹ (2007) und das ›Lexikon der Gefahren‹ (2010).