Licht aus, die Mayer kommt!

Heike Kottmann

Licht aus, die Mayer kommt!

Meine wilden Internatsjahre

266 pages
Original edition
First day of sale: 19.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6290-0

Fiction, ca. 256 pp., Autumn 2015

Trial days, midnight parties and mud fights

Funny and bizarre things from boarding school life
Wake up, morning run! – Behind the scenes at Schloss Salem

Since Malory Towers, it’s been hard to imagine a more fun place than boarding school. Although it does stand for strictness and discipline on the one hand, boarding school life is characterised by small revolutions, adventures and deep friendship – right?

Heike Kottmann knows what boarding school feels like. She was eleven when she attended Schloss Salem and stayed for nine years up to her graduation. She made friends who were like siblings to her. She made enemies and learnt all sorts of tricks how to deal with them. She climbed out of the window at night in search of alcohol – until it suddenly flowed from the pipes in the girls’ bathroom. And she saw a plane crash right next to the school building. It is obvious that boarding school is anything but boring!

›Turn off the Light‹ is a book about loyalty, friendship and the transformation of an eleven-year-old outsider to a self-confident young woman. Clever, funny and very entertaining.

Heike Kottmann,
29, has been working as an editor for NEON for the last three years. She previously attended the Henri-Nannen School of Journalism and worked as a freelance journalist, among others for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “Emma” and the “Münchner Abendzeitung”. Her first book “Entweder, vielleicht oder doch lieber ja – 90 lebenswichtige Entscheidungsbäume” was published in 2012.

Heike Kottmann

Heike Kottmann, 30, lebt als freie Redakteurin in München. Sie hat nach dem Abitur in Salem die Henri-Nannen-Journalistenschule besucht. 2012 erschien ihr erstes Buch ›Entweder, vielleicht oder doch lieber ja – 90 lebenswichtige Entscheidungsbäume‹.