Es geschieht am helllichten Tag

Manfred Karremann

Es geschieht am helllichten Tag

Die verborgene Welt der Pädophilen und wie wir unsere Kinder vor Missbrauch schützen

256 pages
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First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6142-2

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Die erschreckende Welt der Pädophilen und wie Sie Ihr Kind davor schützen/
The appalling world of paedophiles and how to protect your child from it


"One of the most important books parents can get hold of." Die Zeit

Foreword by an observer of the Federal Criminal Police Office; essay by an experienced therapist.

“All mothers and fathers have been informed and warned, preliminary proceedings have been instituted against many of these men. My mobile, that I used only for this research, is switched off. Over. Finally.”

They are organised nationwide, their territory is where children play. They observe playgrounds,
baths and sports facilities: men in search of children. For more than two years Manfred Karremann immersed incognito in the hidden scene of those who not only take delight in child pornography but also abuse children sexually and are filming it. For the ZDF and the Stern He travelled through Germany in a camper and socialised with suspects. He often helped the police by filming with a hidden camera.

According to Manfred Karremann, about 60,000 men in this country are interested in minors, children and babies for a very special reason. And they are living in every bigger city. “It happened in broad daylight” permits insights – produced under perilous circumstances – into methods and tricks paedophile men use to gain confidence of both children and parents; he describes their organisations, ways of thinking and life-lies.
For Manfred Karremann, who also acts as an instructor at the criminal investigation department of the Federal Criminal Police Office, his function as a counsellor for parents is what’s most important. Only if they are aware of these people’s methods, they can protect their children against them. The imminent danger emanating from paedophiles has too long been underestimated.

Manfred Karremann was born in 1961. Repeatedly he dealt with animal protection and child molestation. He is a documentarian, journalist, author and pet owner as a sideline, having rescued and housed 170 animals over the years. In 1998 he founded the association Animal Network. His numerous documentaries and reports often pick up issues such as livestock transports, butcheries, laying batteries or animal experiments. In 2003/2004, three of his documentaries on sexual violence against children, broadcast by the ZDF in its serial 37 Grad, caused a huge amount of public response – and Manfred Karremann had to go into hiding, as someone had offered head money. He lived in hotels, hardly ever accessible on the phone. Karremann already survived one assault on his life, when somebody manipulated his car’s steering gear. He has received several awards for his work, amongst others the CNN-Award, the Goldene Kamera and the Europäischer Fernsehpreis.
Publications: “Tiere als Ware. Geqäult – getötet – vermarktet”, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag,
1992; “Sie haben uns behandelt wie Tiere”, Höcker Verlag, 2006

Manfred Karremann

Manfred Karremann ist Diplom-Sozialpädagoge und Journalist. Zuletzt lösten 2003 und 2004 drei Dokumentationen über sexuelle Gewalt gegen Kinder, die das ZDF in der Reihe „37 Grad" ausstrahlte, eine große öffentliche Resonanz aus. Für seine Arbeit wurde er mehrfach ausgezeichnet, u. a. mit dem CNN-Preis, der Goldenen Kamera und dem Europäischen Fernsehpreis. Er veröffentlichte die Bücher „Tiere als Ware. Gequält – getötet – vermarktet" (1992), „Sie haben uns behandelt wie Tiere" (2006) und „Es geschieht am helllichten Tag. Die verborgene Welt der Pädophilen und wie wir unsere Kinder vor Missbrauch schützen" (DuMont 2007).