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Gunnar Homann

All exclusive

Ein Unterwegsroman

142 pages
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6187-3

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AL EXCLUSIVE. Ein Unterwegsroman/
ALL EXCLUSIVE. A On the Road Novel

A Novel
140 pages
Spring 2011

Opposites out and about

“Go west, young man!” When the legendary newspaper publisher Horace Greeley gave his famous piece of advice in 1865, he was surely not thinking of Viktor. But this did not stop Viktor from making his way to the United States almost 150 years later. It is a trip that began with little more than a Greyhound Bus ticket and the wish to arrive in California at some point, regardless of the route – only not via Florida, because “you can name a popsicle that way, but not an area that is supposed to be interesting.”
Following Kerouac’s footprints, Viktor not only gets to know unknown America, the America beyond the typical places of interest and tourist attractions, but also Casbah Feininger (“An extraordinarily stupid name!”). The sociology student who, like himself, also comes from Germany, is doing research for her thesis. She is the opposite of Viktor: conscientious, determined, well-to-do – “a snipe ... but a very good-looking snipe.” A means of self-protection, Viktor addresses her with the formal “Sie” – and almost immediately finds himself in a rented car with Frau Feininger. Over the next few weeks she will become his worst nightmare – and then his very personal American Dream.
With much affection for his characters (yes, even for Frau Feininger), Gunnar Homann has found the (Romantic) Road Novel genre: “All exclusive” is an incredibly fast paced, incredibly funny and yet unexpectedly melancholic trip, at the centre of which is the question about how one should live, damn it.

Gunnar Homann
born 1964, has a diploma from the German Sport University which he never used. He lived with his wife and children as an economic refugee in Esslingen, Neckar, and has worked for several years as an editor at outdoor magazine. His texts have appeared for fifteen years in the satire magazine Titanic. Childhood: wonderful.

Gunnar Homann

Gunnar Homann, Jahrgang 1964, besitzt ein Diplom von der Deutschen Sporthochschule in Köln, von dem er aber nie Gebrauch gemacht hat. Er lebt mit Frau und Kindern als Wirtschaftsflüchtling in Esslingen / Neckar und arbeitet seit einigen Jahren als Redakteur für die Zeitschrift Outdoor. Seine Texte erscheinen seit 15 Jahren im Satiremagazin Titanic. Kindheit: schön.