Das Schlossgespinst

Hans-Henner Hess

Das Schlossgespinst

Anwalt Fickel ermittelt (Thüringen Krimi)

366 pages
First day of sale: 19.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6348-8

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DAS SCHLOSSGESPINST. Anwalt Fickel ermittelt/
THE CASTLE WEB. Councillor Fickel Investigates

A regional crime novel, ca. 320pp.
Autumn 2015

Secret affairs among the musical aristocracy

A new case for the laziest councillor in the world
Councillor Fickel encounters aristocracy – will that go well?

After his turbulent forays into the world of bobsleigh in Oberhof, Fickel is happy to be on home turf again. Now everything can return to its normal pace. No such luck however! In Castle Elisabethenburg in Meiningen of all places, where Fickel so enjoys his goose dinners in the cosy dining room, criminal energy is rife.
The musical score of an unknown Brahms’ concert has appeared and caused a dispute between the City Council in Meiningen and the aristocratic family. Fickel couldn’t care less about it all, were it not for the fact that the man who found the score had turned to him for a finder’s reward – only to fall to his death from the tower café of the Hessensaal shortly afterwards. But now what? He sets out to solve the case and soon wishes that he had never discovered his artistic vein …

Hans-Henner Hess, born in Berlin-Mitte in 1973, trained there to become a fully-qualified jurist. Because the state did not require his services, he turned his back on jurisprudence and kept himself busy as a writer and dramaturg for varying television formats in Munich, Leipzig and Berlin. On the side he wrote long and short stories, plays and contributed texts for the spoken word project “Schwindel” that only insiders are familiar with. After a phase of contemplation, he has recently been devoting himself to the art of crime again. His novels “Herrentag” (2013) and “Der Bobmörder” (2014) have been published by DuMont..

Hans-Henner Hess

Hans-Henner Hess wurde 1973 in Berlin-Mitte geboren und ließ sich ebendort wegen einer verlorenen Wette zum Volljuristen ausbilden. Da der Rechtsstaat auf seine weitere Mitwirkung dankend verzichtete, schlug er sich als Autor und Dramaturg bei diversen Fernsehformaten durch. Nebenher verfasste er Lang- und Kurzgeschichten, schrieb Theaterstücke und Songtexte. Bei DuMont erschienen seine Romane ›Herrentag‹ (2013) und ›Der Bobmörder‹ (2014).