Markus Herrmann



224 pages
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ISBN 978-3-8321-6227-6

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A novel
ca. 250pp.
Spring 2013

The Trainee Program for Space Tourists

Even an astronaut helps himself

Tobias is in his mid-20s, lives in Berlin and earns his living as a music editor. Objectively speaking, there would seem to be little cause for him to complain about his life. But every morning he wakes up with a mixture of dissatisfaction and stress that expresses itself in a physical “Aaarfz.” What he really needs is a dream, a goal, a mission. What would be better suited than outer space itself.
The X-Day will come on which it will be possible to travel through the universe. Tobias wants to be sure he is ready when the day finally arrives, and that could be any day now. The plan to fulfil his childhood dream puts new swing back in his life. He constantly gets involved in absurd and funny situations; he now sees others differently and even love knocks on his door again.

“I simply had to get used to the fact that E.T. never returned to his second home. And if nobody from out there comes to visit me, then I will just have to fly there myself one day.”

Markus Herrmann

Markus Herrmann wurde 1986 im beschaulichen dörflichen Nichts mitten im Thüringer Wald geboren. Zum Studium der Mediengestaltung zog es ihn für vier Jahre in das städtische Nichts namens Bielefeld. Seit dem Abschluss seines Studiums lebt er in Berlin und arbeitet vor allem als kreativer Konzepter in der Medienbranche. Seit 2005 schreibt er für verschiedene Blogs. Sein Twitteraccount wurde als »Bester Twitteraccount 2011« ausgezeichnet. 2013 erschien im DuMont Buchverlag sein Roman ›Aaarfz‹.