Am Ende des Schmerzes

Iris Grädler

Am Ende des Schmerzes

400 pages
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6336-5

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A Crime-novel, ca. 464 pp.
March 2016

A captivating mixture of family drama and crime novel
A sinister family secret on the coast of Cornwall

On this oppressively hot summer’s day, DC Collin Brown believes he is simply dealing with an unusual accident: A lorry has crashed into an outbuilding of the Woodland Manor House, which has been standing empty for years now. However, an explosive murder case develops out of this routine event – once the lorry has been recovered, the skeleton of an infant with a shattered skull is found in the remnants of the building.

While his family goes on holiday without him in the New Forest, Collin Brown takes up the trail of the Hattonfield family, who breed horses on the Woodland estate. Should he believe the village gossip, according to which the mother killed her illegitimate child?

The case proves to be even more dramatic when an additional infant skeleton is found during the forensic investigations. Collin Brown is sure that the key to clearing up the murder lies in the family’s past. Yet the truth is even more dreadful – and dangerous – than the detective had envisaged …

Iris Grädler was born in 1963 in Halle (Westphalia). She has published poetry and short stories and edited several anthologies. She now lives in Swakopmuns, Namibia. Her first novel “Meer des Schweigens” was published in 2015 by DuMont Buchverlag.

Iris Grädler

Iris Grädler wurde 1963 in Halle, Westfalen geboren. Sie veröffentlichte Gedichte und Kurzgeschichten und hat mehrere Anthologien herausgegeben. Bei DuMont erschien 2015 ›Meer des Schweigens‹. Iris Grädler lebt in Swakopmund, Namibia.