Entschuldigen Sie meine Störung

Jan-Uwe Fitz

Entschuldigen Sie meine Störung

Ein Wahnsinnsroman

288 pages
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6147-7

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A Novel
Ca. 280 Pages
Spring 2011

I think, therefore I’m bonkers

“I am disturbed. Many of my mental illnesses even contradict each other. They change from day to day, sometimes even from moment to moment. Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Only that my two personalities are completely bananas. Now, I am fed up with myself. I really have to be cured and become a normal member of society. But how?
Follow me to the mental asylum and back again. (Anyway, for a confirmed paranoiac, one pursuer more or less doesn’t matter.) Find out all about completely new trendy dysfunctions, profane psychology and other therapies, scurrilous patients and strange physicians. Vote for me when in the next season of “Depression Idol!”
Jan-Uwe Fitz was in fact in a mental hospital. This enabled him to write the asylum novel our time deserves. His report from the frontline of the war against madness provides insights into a world where the insane rule – on both sides.
“Entschuldigen Sie meine Störung” is a rousingly funny anti-depressant.

Jan-Uwe Fitz
has written advertising texts, screenplays, radio plays and short stories for 15 years for such agencies as DDB, Springer & Jacoby, Grey, for such companies as Volkswagen, E-Plus and MTV Networks, as well as especially for himself and his readers on the web. The native of Gießen has written since 2006 in his absurdly comic satire blog vergraemer.de about the fictional life of a pigeon harasser and entertains over 14000 Twitter followers of Pseudonym @vergraemer) with witty and absurd short texts.
His Jour Fitz events have developed in recent months into an insider tip at the hot Web2.0 scene event.

Jan-Uwe Fitz

Jan-Uwe Fitz lebt in Berlin und Limburg-Süd. Er bloggt unter vergraemer.de und wird auf twitter als @vergraemer von über 48.000 Followern, nun ja, verfolgt.