Im weißen Kreis

Oliver Bottini

Im weißen Kreis

Ein Fall für Louise Bonì

302 pages
Erstmals im Taschenbuch
First day of sale: 08.12.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6387-7

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A Case for Louise Bonì
Crime Fiction, ca. 350pp.
Autumn 2015

Quadruple German Crime Fiction Prize winner

»The Scandinavian crime novel-obsessed Germans don’t have to look far – Freiburg is quite far enough. « Frankfurter Rundschau on ›Das verborgene Netz‹

Finally a new case for Louise Bonì

Louise Boni, Chief Commissioner of the CID in Freiburg im Breisgau, receives a tip off that a man has bought two weapons from a Russian criminal. Louise follows this up, in order to prevent a possible assassination attempt. Her investigations lead her to the Neo Nazi scene and in a newspaper article, she stumbles across the ‘perfect murder victim’: Ludwig Kabangu, a Rwandan, demanding the return of the skeletal remains of one of his ancestors from the University of Freiburg. Scientists had brought these to Germany some hundred years ago under the auspices of ‘race’ research. Providing protection, Louise accompanies Kabangu – and they are actually attacked by two armed men the very next day. A Special Operations Unit arrives at a timely moment and kills the attackers, apparently under instruction from the Criminal Investigations Office in Stuttgart. Yet how did they know of the goings on?
One of the Neo Nazis that Louise had questioned is obviously a mole for the State Protection Office. When this man is found dead shortly afterwards, it is clear that the danger is not over yet …

Oliver Bottini was born in 1965. His novels ‘Mord im Zeichen des Zen’, ‘Im Sommer der Mörder’, ‘Der kalte Traum’ (DuMont 2012) and ‘Ein paar Tage Licht’ (DuMont 2014) were awarded the Deutsche Krimi Preis (German Crime Fiction Prize). He was additionally awarded the Stuttgarter Krimipreis for ‘Ein paar Tage Licht’. In 2007, Oliver Bottin was norminated for the Friedrich-Glauser-Preis. His novel ‘Im Auftrag der Väter’ was shortlisted for the Münchner Tukan-Preis. Oliver Bottini lives in Berlin.

Oliver Bottini

Oliver Bottini wurde 1965 geboren. Für seine Kriminalromane erhielt er zahlreiche Preise, unter anderem viermal den Deutschen Krimi Preis, den Krimipreis von Radio Bremen, den Berliner ›Krimifuchs‹ sowie zuletzt den Stuttgarter Krimipreis für ›Ein paar Tage Licht‹ (DuMont 2014). Oliver Bottini lebt in Berlin. Der erste und der vierte Band der Louise-Bonì-Reihe, ›Mord im Zeichen des Zen‹ und ›Jäger in der Nacht‹, wurden 2014 und 2015 mit Melika Foroutan in der Hauptrolle für die ARD verfilmt. Der vorliegende Band ist der dritte Fall für die Kommissarin Louise Bonì.