100 Meisterwerke zeitgenössischer Kunst

228 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9059-0

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Silke Hohmann, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf
"Stations - 100 Meisterwerke zeitgenössischer Kunst"
- "Stations. 100 Masterworks of Contemporary Art"
Herausgegeben von Amélie von Heydebreck

All the works of contemporary art you need to know!

Contemporary art is as manifold and vital as complex. What is really great art and what is only temporary fashion? “Stations” gathers the most important one hundred masterpieces from the last 30 years.

In chronological order, each masterpiece will be presented and explained on a double-page with a full-page image and a short text of about 300 words.

“Stations” offers a concise survey of the most important stations of contemporary art.

This ‘Who is Who’ of younger art history gives a profound survey of those artists who formed the most important exhibitions, the most notable collections and – last but not least – the art market during the last three decades.

“Monopol” (monthly art journal), 3SAT-Kulturzeit (cultural TV-journal) and DuMont have selected the most important art works of the last 30 years.