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208 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9662-2

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A Novel
Ca. 180 pp.
Spring 2012

“The most captivating and impressive debut of a young German writer for a long time. Sommertöchter is a wonderful, absolutely touching book, profoundly sad and heart-warming at the same time, about a woman’s search for the lost happiness of her carefree childhood and a voyage to herself. … a great, internally refreshing piece of literature.” - Jüdische Zeitung

“… an amazing debut, a beautifully sad novel that says much about dealing with loss but not losing track of happiness in the process.” - NDR Kultur

“Lisa-Maria Seydlitz manages to tell an entire family history in a single sentence.” - taz

A novel like a beautiful souvenir photo
A family story with a summer atmosphere
A narrative voice full of poetic force

Juno found out about her inheritance from an anonymous letter: a fisherman’s house in Brittany. But contrary to expectations, she is not the only one interested in the house.
The French waitress Julie has settled down there and Jan, an artist from Germany, often comes to visit. Eight years after her father’s death, Juno is given new insights about the past. Her trip to Brittany becomes a voyage into the history of her family, back to a time when she was happy and lived a seemingly idyllic live in the suburbs. Until everything changes.
Sommertöchter is a novel against loneliness. The author takes her readers along to a childhood full of love and loss, to a summer when one could be sad and be given comfort.

Lisa-Maria Seydlitz
born 1985 in Mannheim, studied creative writing and cultural journalism at Hildesheim University and theatre and German studies at the University of Provence Aix-Marseille. She was co-editor of the “Bella triste” literary journal and scholarship holder from the 12th Klagenfurt Literature Course.
Sommertöchter is her first novel.

rights sold to: Keller Editore (Italian); Ediciones B (Spanish Language World)

Lisa-Maria Seydlitz

Lisa-Maria Seydlitz wurde 1985 in Mannheim geboren, wo sie inzwischen auch wieder lebt. Sie studierte am Institut für Literarisches Schreiben der Universität Hildesheim sowie an der Université de Provence Aix-Marseille. Sie war Herausgeberin der Literaturzeitschrift BELLA triste und Stipendiatin des Klagenfurter Literaturkurses. ›Sommertöchter‹ ist ihr erster Roman.