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First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9664-6

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A Novel
300 pp.
Autumn 2013

“The German Julian Barnes” - Katharina Schmitz, FREITAG

“A psychologically finely tuned novel about inner and outer perception.” - Tobias Becker, KULTURSPIEGEL

“Bit by bit, Schäfer exposes the mushy core of bourgeois self-certitude in this magnificently worked out psychological novel. The alien turns into a subtle threat that reaches into Berlin’s front yards.” Katharina Schmitz, FREITAG

A grand novel about ostensible domestic happiness and contemporary Europe

A subtle family drama and a story about the cracks in our society

The neurologist Gabor Lorenz is on vacation with his family on a Greek island. In the port of Patras, he witnesses a young man hanging from a truck in order to secretively board the ferry that Lorenz and his family also want to take for the trip to Italy. During the passage he tosses a bag of food into the truck in which the stranger has hidden himself. Too late Lorenz remembers that there were also postcards with his home address in Berlin in the bag.
About a week later the first postcard arrives at the home of the Lorenz family, postmarked Mo-dena. The second postcard arrives shortly thereafter – postmarked Munich! Lorenz realises that the refugee is coming closer and will soon be standing in front of his house. A diffuse feeling of menace slowly makes its way into Lorenz’s life that eats its way as mistrust into all aspects of his life.
With “Gesichter”, Andreas Schäfer has written a grand, uncanny novel, telling how someone risks everything because he is not willing to recognise himself.

The press on Andreas Schäfer’s previous novel:

“Subtle, poetic and full of insight, The Four of Us is highquality literary fiction and the agony endured by the characters in the book lives in the reader’s mind.” New Books in German on The Four of Us

“Precise and nevertheless sensitive, Andreas Schäfer stages a ballet of transgressions. (…) He has distributed sentences throughout his novel that explode like blasting charges almost without a sound. The result is a tension that is almost tangible for the reader. ”
Süddeutsche Zeitung on The Four of Us

Andreas Schäfer was born in Hamburg in 1969, grew up in Frankfurt/Main and now lives with his family in Berlin. He writes reports and theatre reviews for the Berlin Tagesspiegel. He received the 2003 Bremen Literature Advancement Prize for his novel ‘Auf dem Weg nach Messara.’. His novel “Wir vier”/”The Four of Us” was published in 2010 by DuMont.

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Andreas Schäfer

Andreas Schäfer, 1969 in Hamburg geboren, ist deutsch-griechischer Herkunft. Er wuchs in Frankfurt/Main auf und lebt heute als Schriftsteller und Journalist mit seiner Familie in Berlin. Bisher veröffentlichte er den Roman ›Auf dem Weg nach Messara‹, für den er u. a. den Bremer Literaturförderpreis erhielt, und den Roman ›Wir vier‹ (DuMont 2010), der für den Deutschen Buchpreis nominiert war und mit dem Anna-Seghers-Preis ausgezeichnet wurde.