Charlotte Roche



220 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-8057-7

Charlotte Roche
Feuchtgebiete - Wetlands

more than 1.5 million copies sold

"Hygiene is not my cup of tea.“

After a failed attempt to shave her intimate areas, 18 year old Helen is lying in the Department of Internal Medicine of Maria Hilf Hospital. She is waiting for her divorced parents to visit, erroneously hoping that the two will finally reconcile with each other at their daughter’s sickbed. In the meantime she closely examines those parts of her body that are generally not considered maiden-like and has nurse Robin photograph those spots hidden from her curious looks. At the same time she cares for her collection of avocado stones which are also quite helpful in sexual terms.

Even if Helen’s obsession leads to an emergency operation – her dashing wit and her genuineness make her a sensation, and not only in this department of the hospital.. She says what others don’t even dare to think.

“Wetlands” is an excursion to the last taboos of the present. Fearlessly, radically and provocatively Charlotte Roche’s novel rebels against the hygiene hysteria and the sterile aesthetics of women’s magazines, against the standardized handling of the female body and its sexuality – and tells the wonderfully wild story of a heroine who’s both hedonistic and vulnerable.

Rights sold to: Objetiva (Brazilian); Anagrama (Castilian); Proa (Catalan); China Kong Hong (simplified Chinese Characters, Mainland China); Naklada Zadro (Croatian); Jota (Czech); Athene (Danish); De Bezige Bij (Dutch); Fourth Estate (English –British Commonwealth); Grove (English –USA); Harper Collins Canada (English – Canada); Basam Books (Finnish); Anabet (French); Paschalidis (Greek); Kinneret/Zmora/Dvir (Hebrew); Kelly Kiadó (Hungarian); Bjartur (Icelandic); RCS/Rizzoli (Italian); Futami Shobo (Japanese); Munhak Segye-sa (Korean); Cappelen Damm (Norwegian); Jacek Santorski & Co (Polish); ASA (Portuguese); Eurasian Press (Complex Chinese Characters, Taiwan); Phoenix (Turkey); BEOBOOK (Serbian); Debora Publishing (Slovene); Tatran Publishing (Slovak); Wahlström & Widstrand (Swedish)

Charlotte Roche

Charlotte Roche wurde 1978 in High Wycombe/England geboren und wuchs in Deutschland auf. Für ihre Arbeit als Fernsehmoderatorin u.a. für Viva, arte und das ZDF wurde sie mit dem Grimme-Preis und dem Bayerischen Fernsehpreis ausgezeichnet. Charlotte Roche lebt in Köln, sie ist verheiratet und hat ein Kind. Sie veröffentlichte die Romane ›Feuchtgebiete‹ (die Originalausgabe erschien bei DuMont 2008), ›Schoßgebete‹ (2011) und ›Mädchen für alles‹ (2015).