Mörderischer Mistral

Cay Rademacher

Mörderischer Mistral

Ein Provence-Krimi mit Capitaine Roger Blanc (1)

272 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9756-8

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Ein Provence-Krimi mit Capitaine Roger Blanc /
A Provence crime novel with Capitaine Roger Blanc

Crime Novel, ca. 272 pages, Summer 2014

Over 100.000 copies sold of Cay Rademacher’s previous crime novels

‘The storyline is as original as the characters. Between the lines, you even believe you can detect the scent of Provence (…) Great that Blanc will continue to solve cases.’ Kölner Stadtanzeiger

‘Thrilling, complex and equipped with a charismatic protagonist – highly readable.’ Eckart Baier, BUCHJOURNAL

‘The narrative style, the run of events – everything fits together – and that is more than just good crime novel entertainment.’ Andreas Trojan, BÖRSENBLATT

Murder in the Provence – the new series of crime novels by the bestselling author
Deadly networks and Provencal idyll
Atmospheric, authentic, thrilling

His wife has left him and he has been transferred to the provinces: Capitaine Roger Blanc’s stands in ruins. Until recently he successfully investigated corruption cases in Paris, but he stepped on some mighty toes in the process. So now he finds himself alone in his new home, a dilapidated oil mill that he had inherited years ago from an uncle.
But even before Blanc has the chance to get used to his new situation he is assigned to a murder case, and suddenly the captain is involved in an intrigue that takes him deeper into the inner workings of his new home than he would like to go. And he also has to get used to his new col-leagues, to his partner Marius, who is more interested in Rosé than in his work or to the temper-amental computer specialist Fabienne, who seems to belong anywhere except in this sleepy little town. And then there is the feared and attractive examining magistrate Aveline Vialaron-Allègre, who is married to, of all people, the politician who ruined Blanc’s career.
Then a second murder occurs – and it comes to a showdown in the pine forests that the mistral is in the process of turning into a raging sea of flames…

Rights sold to: English World (St Martin's Press); Spanish World (Ediciones Maeva)

Cay Rademacher

CAY RADEMACHER, geboren 1965, ist Redakteur bei GEO Epoche. Bei DuMont erschienen seine Kriminalromane ›Der Trümmermörder‹ (2011), ›Der Schieber‹ (2012) und ›Der Fälscher‹ (2013) sowie ›Mörderischer Mistral‹ (2014), ›Brennender Midi‹ (2016) und ›Gefährliche Côte Bleue‹ (2017), der erste, dritte und vierte Fall für Capitaine Roger Blanc. Cay Rademacher lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Salon-de-Provence in Frankreich.