Der Schieber

Cay Rademacher

Der Schieber


352 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9687-5


A Crime novel
about 336 pp.
Autumn 2012

“A close-up look at modern history. And told very touchingly as well. In his continuation of ‘Der Trümmermörder’ Rademacher has again succeeded in providing a fascinating glimpse at a world that is not all that far away, a world where everyone has to fight to survive.” – Brigitte

“Rademacher knows how to draw a vivid picture of the post-war period. He enables his readers to get a sense of the times without lecturing, but packed in an exciting crime novel instead.”
Hessische Allgemeine

“In ‘Der Schieber,’ Cay Rademacher draws an equally concentrated and thrilling image of the second post-war year, a time full of upheaval. With in-depth characterisations and an exacting knowledge of Hamburg, he takes us back to a time that in truth is not a theme for a crime novel. But the deeper the reader enters the story, the more captivated he is by it. Thrills blossom between the ruins.” – Neue Presse

“Rademacher impressively describes life in 1947 with all its distresses and hopes. A piece of history comes alive and touches the reader.”- Hambuger Morgenpost

“A gripping crime novel, a riveting history book.” Brigitte on “Der Trümmermörder”

Hamburg 1947: It is the year of extremes. After the icy cold “hunger winter,” the bombed-out city is already moaning under the hot springtime temperatures. And Chief Inspector Frank Stave is confronted with a new case. The body of a boy is discovered in the ruins of the shipyard. Together with Lieutenant MacDonald and Doctor Czrisini, Stave sets of in pursuit of the murder, and their investigation leads them to the world of the “wolf children” – orphans who had fled from the occupied sectors in the East and have formed gangs involved in coal thieving, prostitution and smuggling.
But Frank Stave is not only puzzled professionally: In the midst of his investigation, his son, a former POW, has now suddenly shown up. They are faced with a painful rapprochement while Stave fights to save his relationship to his girlfriend Anna.
The chief inspector stands under additional pressure when two more bodies are discovered. It will be decided in a dramatic night at the harbour whether Stave will capture the murderer …

Rights sold to: English World (Arcadia), French World (Le Masque)

Cay Rademacher

Cay Rademacher, geboren 1965, ist freier Journalist und Autor. Bei DuMont erschienen seine Kriminalromane ›Der Trümmermörder‹ (2011), ›Der Schieber‹ (2012) und ›Der Fälscher‹ (2013) sowie ›Mörderischer Mistral‹ (2014), ›Tödliche Camargue‹ (2015), ›Brennender Midi‹ (2016) und ›Gefährliche Côte Bleue‹ (2017), die ersten vier Fälle für Capitaine Roger Blanc. Cay Rademacher lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Salon-de-Provence in Frankreich.