Emil Nolde. Landschaften / Landscapes (dt./engl.)

Emil Nolde. Landschaften / Landscapes (dt./engl.)

80 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9488-8

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Edited by Christian Ring
Art/Gift Book
ca. 80 pages
14,5 x 18,0 cm
ca. 30 4/c illustrations

In his autobiography, Emil Nolde (1867–1956) rhapsodised about his native landscape at the near North Sea. He regularly occupied himself with the vast expanses, the sheer endless view of the horizon, the flowing unhindered transition from close-up to long-distance vision as well as the close correspondence between heaven and earth and water; the thatched farms and his distinctive home at Seebüll with its magnificent garden also often served him as models. The farmer’s son had vivid memories of the hay harvest, “these sunny afternoons in the outdoors on open pastures with the wind whirring about, the high air, the white feather-light clouds, the rustling of the crinkling dry hay.”

A master in the use of watercolours, the great Expressionist self-confidently applied colour to paper with an unprecedented intensity, creating pictorial worlds in the process whose abundance of light still are bustling with life today. Circa 30 of his most beautiful landscapes, some of them previously unpublished, can be found in this attractive gift book.

Dr. Christian Ring is the director of the Ada and Emil Nolde Stiftung.