Pyotr Magnus Nedov



368 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9702-5

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A Novel
About 350 pages
Spring 2013

The most furious debut of the year:
full of life and dreams

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“A literary confection. (…)This is a stylish, original first novel, which cleverly juxtaposes the disintegration of the Soviet Union with the European financial crisis.”
new books in german (spring 2013)

“An all-embracing European book about the economic crises and the people who have to shoulder it. Terrific; eminently readable!” - RBB RADIO FRITZ

“‘Zuckerleben’ is a devilishly high-speed novel that takes off in Moldavia and storms past Italy to Iceland – and it is also very cinematic at that, which is not a coincidence insofar as the author is a director and has a doctorate in film ... and he is furthermore the great up-and-coming literary star of the city of Cologne.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Fast-paced, funny and with a clever sense for ludicrous situations and endearing characters, Nedov embeds the story of the final days of the Soviet Union in a road movie plot … It is a picaresque adventure story full of grotesque notions that sensitively and subtly places precarious personal relationships in a larger context.”
Kölner Stadtanzeiger

“A ludicrous trip to yesterday’s socialism. Everything is grandiosely entangled, funnily interwoven, linguistically first-rate, very cinematic, a guaranteed highlight.” - Neue Presse

A wild voyage leading from the disintegration of the Soviet Union to the European fiscal crisis

2011: The Moldavian Tolyan Andreewitsch is travelling in war-torn Italy. Searching for his Georgian tea tin, his Ford Transit nearly runs over a young couple that wants to commit suicide together. They now travel on as a threesome. The two teenagers have just lost their jobs at the sugar factory in Termoli. The Moldavian tells them the story of his youth, and in doing so tries to give them the courage to live on.
1991: The Soviet Union is falling apart and in the industrial Northern Moldavian city of Donduseni the young speculator Pitirim Tutunaru decides to fulfil his dream of a carefree life in Italy. To do so, he searches and finds the 40 tons of sugar owned by the missing sugar factory director Hlebnik, distils it into snaps with the assistance of the pensioner Ilytsch and prepares his departure with the profits.

“Better an honourable end than scraping for food in the trash. Thirty years of hard work, and it’s all for nothing. You can kiss my ass, Pippo.”

Pyotr Magnus Nedov

Pyotr Magnus Nedov wurde 1982 in der Sowjetunion geboren und lebt in Köln. Aufgewachsen in Moldawien, Rumänien und Österreich. Studierte Keltologie, Romanistik und Filmregie in Wien, Paris, Moskau, Montreal und Köln. Er ist promovierter Filmwissenschaftler, Autor und Regisseur und arbeitete zuletzt als Archäologe im Ausgrabungsareal rund um den Kölner Rathausplatz.