Über die weiße Linie

Arne Molfenter, Rüdiger Strempel

Über die weiße Linie

Wie ein Priester über 6.000 Menschen vor der Gestapo rettete. Eine wahre Geschichte aus dem Vatikan

272 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9760-5

OVER THE WHITE LINE. How a priest rescued over 6000 people from the Gestapo

ca. 288 pages
Autumn 2014

‘The Oskar Schindler of Rome - Molfenter and Stempel now commemorate him.’ - Joachim Frank, Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Monsignor O’Flaherty was Rome’s Oskar Schindler
A Priest fighting the Nazis

It is an exciting, breathtakingly fast game of cat and mouse that the Irish priest Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty played with the lieutenant colonel of the SS Herbert Kappler during the German occupation of Rome from 1943 to 1944: Secret hiding places, various costumes, and constant spectacular last-minute escapes. But Arne Molfenter and Rüdiger Strempel are not telling us a Don Camillo and Peppone story – for thousands it was a matter of life and death. With chutzpah, courage and trust in God, O’Flaherty put together a secret organisation to assist allied soldiers and Jews to escape Rome. He did some of the refugees in the Vatican, others in private homes in Rome. A murderous hunt soon began between O’Flaherty and Gestapo chief Kappler.

No individual saved the lives of more allied soldiers in World War II than O’Flaherty, who rescued more than 6,500 persons from 25 countries from imprisonment, torture and death. He is today still a model of civil courage and dauntlessness; his story should not be forgotten.

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Arne Molfenter

Arne Molfenter, geboren in Leonberg, hat die deutsche Journalistenschule besucht und in München, Berlin und Mailand Politik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften studiert. Er war Redakteur, Reporter und Korrespondent, u. a. für den BBC World Service, die ARD und DIE ZEIT, und arbeitet jetzt für die Vereinten Nationen in Brüssel und Bonn. Gemeinsam mit Rüdiger Strempel veröffentlichte er 2014 die Biografie ›Über die weiße Linie‹ bei DuMont.