Der Krankenflüsterer

Walter Möbius

Der Krankenflüsterer

Ein Diagnostiker erzählt von seinen interessantesten Fällen

256 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9749-0

Ein Diagnostiker erzählt von seinen interessantesten Fällen /
A diagnostician tells about his most interesting cases

Ca. 256 pages
Spring 2014

“The secret lays in listening, in human closeness to the patient” Walter Möbius

“Everything a patient needs is here.” Kai Diekmann, Bild

Walter Möbius is a physician from passion. He says: “Humanity is the best medicine!” In his 50-year career, the real-life “Dr. House” has been able to cure people who were considered helpless cases. In the “Der Krankenflüsterer” he now talks about his most interesting cases – and does not leave out his own development as a physician. The diagnostician has accompanied many celebrities through their sicknesses, and his work often reflects German history, for example his experiences at the Contergan trial, his intervention in the RAF hunger strike at Stammheim prison or as the physical of countless politicians such as Helmut Kohl and Joschka Fischer. And in the end it is things that don’t seem important which brings the diagnostician on the right track – and saves lives. Möbius’s stories are above all: a plea against a “heartless and speechless medicine”.

Walter Möbius,
born 1937 in Bonn, was senior consultant of internal medicine for 24 years at the Johanniterkrankenhaus located in the government quarter when Bonn was still the capital of Germany, and as such has treated numerous politicians. He has had lectureships since 2002 and works as a consultant for patients, hospitals and diagnostic institutions. He is a member of the advisory board for German Cancer Aid.

Walter Möbius

Walter Möbius, geboren 1937 in Bonn, war vierundzwanzig Jahre lang Chefarzt der Inneren Abteilung des Johanniter-Krankenhauses im Bonner Regierungsviertel und betreute dort zahlreiche Politiker. Seit 2002 hat er verschiedene Lehraufträge und ist als Berater für Patienten, Krankenhäuser und diagnostische Einrichtungen tätig. Er ist Mitglied des Kuratoriums der Deutschen Krebshilfe.