Annette Mingels



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Annette Mingels
[Clay Pigeons]

Two couples, two stories, one encounter

An island in the North Sea. Anne and David live here with their two children. One night, their 4-year-old daughter is killed. Yola was run over by a car while riding her bicycle. There is no trace of the perpetrator. The parent’s marriage threatens to break up as a result of their mourning; the mother flees into a relationship with her psychologist. A convention is taking place on the island at the same time. There they meet Esther and Frank, both are married. After some initial wariness, an affair develops. When the time comes to go home, they stay, torn between guilt and their fascination in their new passions. An argument ensues during their final evening on the island. “Tontauben” is an eloquent and incisive look into the depths of human relationships in pain and passion.

“The way Annette Mingels stages the art of longing for love gives testimony to breathtaking tension.” Die Welt

"Cheerful and melancholy at the same time.” Der Spiegel

Annette Mingels was born in Cologne in 1971. She studied German literature, linguistics and sociology and wrote her doctoral thesis on Dürrenmatt and Kierkegaard. Her novels include “Puppenglück” (2003) as well as “Die Liebe der Matrosen” (2005) and “Der aufrechte Gang” (2006) in addition to the collection of stories “Romantiker” (2007), which were published by DuMont. Annette Mingels has lived for several years in New Jersey, USA.

Annette Mingels

Annette Mingels wurde 1971 in Köln geboren. Sie studierte Germanistik, Sprachwissenschaft und Soziologie und promovierte mit einer Arbeit über Dürrenmatt und Kierkegaard. Sie veröffentlichte die Romane ›Puppenglück‹ (2003), bei DuMont ›Die Liebe der Matrosen‹ (2005), ›Der aufrechte Gang‹ (2006), den Erzählungsband ›Romantiker‹ (2007) sowie ›Tontauben‹ (2010). Annette Mingels lebt für einige Jahre in New Jersey, USA. Auszeichnungen 2008 HALMA-Stipendium 2007 Kulturelle Auszeichnung des Kantons Zürich Platz 10 auf der SWR-Bestenliste Juni (mit dem Erzählband „Romantiker") Förderpreis der Sylt-Quelle 2006 LCB-Aufenthaltsstipendium Berlin Werkjahr der Stadt Zürich Atelier des Kantons Zürich 2005 Platz 6 auf der SWR-Bestenliste Juli (mit dem Roman „Die Liebe der Matrosen") Stipendium „Esslinger Bahnwärter" 2004 Stipendiatin des Achten Klagenfurter Literaturkurses Werkjahr des Kantons Zürich