Max Ernst für Kinder

Mario Giordano

Max Ernst für Kinder

52 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9172-6

27,5 x 23,5cm
72 pages
60 colour Illustrations
Spring 2009

Anything but earnest …

After the great success of Mario Giordano’s “Emil,” the successful children’s book author now devotes himself to the great German Surrealist Max Ernst. Buoyant and clear-sighted, but without pedantic art pedagogy, he offers what interest children most in this book: pictures – accompanied by brief and intersecting factual information. As a painter, draughtsman and sculptor, Max Ernst visualised dream worlds that still fascinate viewers today. His oeuvre is full of puzzles and dark mysteries – but it also reveals irrepressible creativity, a desire for freedom as well as humour and a lust for life. Forest and bird motifs traverse the artist’s total work.
Mario Giordano’s provides children with the first easily understandable approach to Max Ernst’s mysterious and wonderful world. The author playfully conveys the life and work of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.

After the successful book “Emil,” now the title about Max Ernst

Mirthful stories about Max Ernst’s wonderful pictorial world

Playful transfer of art knowledge

Max Ernst
1891–1976, studied psychology, philosophy and art history at Bonn University. He was an autodidact painter. He used the collage technique early on to combine strange and unconnected objects, and producing in this way new and absurd meaning that tease the fantasy. By using such techniques as frottage, he invoked the pictorial world of the dream. Max Ernst is considered one of the most stimulating minds of modern art.

Mario Giordano

Mario Giordano, geboren 1963, ist Autor von Romanen, Kinder- und Jugendbüchern sowie Drehbüchern. 2001 erhielt er den Bayerischen Filmpreis für das Drehbuch nach seinem Roman „Das Experiment". Seine Kunstbücher für Kinder, darunter „Der Mann mit der Zwitschermaschine" (2001) über Paul Klee und „Pablos Geschichte" (2000) über Picasso, gehören zu den erfolgreichsten Publikationen auf diesem Gebiet.