Von Alkohol bis Zucker

Christian Mähr

Von Alkohol bis Zucker

Zwölf Substanzen, die die Welt veränderten

224 pages

First day of sale: 08.12.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9549-6

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Christian Mähr
Alcohol, Benzin und Zucker
12 Substanzen, die die Welt veränderten
[Alcohol, Petrol and Sugar
12 Substances that Changed the World]

Non-Fiction, ca. 200 pp.

Alcohol, Petrol, Quinine – The ABC of Indispensable Substances

Chemical substances have irrevocably altered our world. For some, they are quite frightening, having an effect that is inconspicuous at first sight. Life without them is no longer imaginable. Christian Mähr tells the amazing story behind the twelve most important substances. Did you know that the World Health Organization now recommends the once demonised DDT as a miracle cure for malaria? Or that the production of sugar has steadily increased for 500 years, interrupted only by the slave revolt of 1800 in Haiti? They are stories of human and inhumane dreams, reportages about desire, greed, illness and hope. From petrol to soda, from aniline to penicillin, Christian Mähr follows the chemical traces in our lives.

Christian Mähr was born in Feldkirch in the Vorarlberg in 1952 and lives as an author and journalist in Dornbirn. Mähr, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, worked for years for the science and environment editorial staff at Austrian Radio. DuMont has published the volume “Vergessene Erfindungen” (2002) as well as the novels “Simon fliegt” (1998) and “Die letzte Insel” (2001).

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Christian Mähr

Christian Mähr wurde 1952 in Feldkirch im Vorarlberg geboren und lebt als Autor und Journalist in Dornbirn. Der promovierte Chemiker arbeitete jahrelang beim Österreichischen Rundfunk für die Redaktionen Wissenschaft und Umwelt. Bei DuMont veröffentlichte er den Band ›Vergessene Erfindungen‹ (2002) sowie zahlreiche Romane, zuletzt erschien ›Tod auf der Tageskarte‹ (2014).