Der einsamste DJ der Welt

Mike Litt

Der einsamste DJ der Welt


190 pages
First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-6202-3

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Autumn 2012

The loneliest DJ in the world – everyone loves him!

Mike Litt is not just any radio DJ; he is a real cult, thousands of people love him. For his music, for his voice, for his words. And yet he is still the loneliest DJ in the world.
The broadcast with which he became famous starts, and which gave him his name, starts every Christmas Eve at 7:03 p.m. He sits alone in the studio, plays records and talks to his listeners all over Germany. Whoever has heard his programme knows what real magic is. But what does Mike Litt do on the 364 days of the years? And how did he become the loneliest DJ in the world in the first place?
In his book, Mike Litt tells his way to music and radio via the local meat market, a Benedictine boarding school and a restaurant chain. And he naturally tells what happens during the highlight of his and our year; when it starts snowing and we devotedly turn on the radio to listen to his voice…

“Hallo, it’s me! Mike! I play music for you. My girlfriend just left me and it would be great if you would listen to me.”

Mike Litt was born in 1967 in Falls Church near Washington D.C. and has lived since earliest childhood in Germany. Still in school, he began working as a journalist and DJ. He then studies German and history, worked as a freelance writer for various newspapers and magazines and began his radio career at WDR 1Live in 1995. His “Loneliest DJ in the World” broadcast has been aired on Christmas for nearly fifteen years and he has additionally hosted the weekly literary programme “Klubbing” for over ten years. He moderates the music show “Lärm by Litt” on DRadio Wissen since 2010.


Mike Litt

Mike Litt wurde 1967 in Falls Church bei Washington D.C. geboren und lebt seit seiner frühen Kindheit in Deutschland. Noch während der Schulzeit begann er als Journalist und DJ zu arbeiten. Im Jahr 1995 startete er seine Radiokarriere bei WDR 1Live, seit fast fünfzehn Jahren ist er dort an Weihnachten »Der einsamste DJ der Welt«, außerdem moderiert er seit mehr als zehn Jahren wöchentlich die Literatursendung »Klubbing«.