Ohne uns

Ursula Kosser

Ohne uns

Die Generation Y und ihre Absage an das Leistungsdenken

190 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9740-7

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OHNE UNS! Die Generation Y und ihre Absage an das Leistunsdenken/
WITHOUT US! Generation Y and its Rejection of the Performance Mentality

Spring 2014
ca. 200 pp.

They want to live – not fight!

“Generation Y irritates many supervisors,” writes Spiegel online.
And at the same time Managermagazin expresses concern about “ever more career-objectors” and notes that the classic path up the career ladder “is just not cool anymore.”
They no longer say it out loud because they have been living it for a long time: “Without us!” is the relaxed philosophy of life of Generation Y. With exceptional courtliness they give short shrift to their parents or their supervisors at work – performance mentality, the pursuit of emancipation, professional ambitions: no thanks. They do not want to plan out every minute of the lives.
Ursula Kosser, herself the direct supervisor over cool Ypsilons and mother of a Y-daughter, hunts for clues about the origins and consequences of this new attitude, discovering to her own surprise that not only the Ypsilons have altered their demands on the world of work. No, this time it is a little different. Generation Y is turning away from the values system of its parents – like many generations before it. But this time the over-40-year-olds are following their children to a large extent – and are rethinking their priorities.
Ursula Kosser spoke about this with prominent representatives from the worlds of business, politics and culture and received amazing answers here as well: the new definition of success rests in withdrawal.

Ursula Kosser,
born 1958 in Bonn, studied history and Protestant theology. She has worked for over 30 years as a journalist, nine of them in the Bonn office of the Der Spiegel. Since 2000, she has been managing editor for RTL and n-tv television in Munich, where she lives with her husband and 18-year-old daughter.

Ursula Kosser

Ursula Kosser, 1958 in Bonn geboren, studierte Geschichte und evangelische Theologie. Sie arbeitete über zwanzig Jahre als Journalistin in Bonn. Neun Jahre lang war sie im Bonner Büro des Spiegel als politische Redakteurin tätig. Seit zehn Jahren ist sie Chefin vom Dienst bei RTL und n-tv in München, wo sie mit ihrem Mann und ihrer 18-jährigen Tochter lebt. 2011 erschien ihr Buch ›Stell auf den Tisch die letzten Rosen‹, 2012 ›Hammelsprünge. Sex und Macht in der deutschen Politik‹ (DuMont).