Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Christian Saehrendt, Steen T. Kittl

Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Vom wahren Wert der Kunst

240 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9772-8

ca. 260 pp., with 4/c illustrations, Spring 2016

sequel to the bestselling title “Das kann ich auch!”/ “I Can Do That Too” - (over 66.000 copies sold!)

“Fresh new insights into the art business. Absolutely worth reading, amusing, and informative.” Artinvestor on “Das kann ich auch!”

“One loves to read the mortifying and droll anecdotes, especially because they are about the love for art, actually.” Die Welt on “Das kann ich auch!”

“This entertaining squib on 250 pages about contemporary art wangles the delicate balancing act between information density and entertainment value wonderfully. We want to recommend this book warmly to those, who participate in the contemporary art world in any form, be it as a professional, be it as a mere observer: It can be extremely beneficial to laugh at oneself.” NDR on “Das kann ich auch!”

Art, Cliques and Commerce
Money makes the world go around, in particular the world of art. Extortionate sums are paid at auctions. The market is booming as never before. Good for art? We might think so, but the hype also has a dark side to it.

With “Is that Art or Can It Be Put Away?” Kittl/Saehrendt provide us with the follow-up to their bestseller “I Can Do That Too!” With their usual charming disrespect, they scrutinise the hysterical art scene and the obscure and unfathomable laws, tastes and decisions that govern it.

On the one hand, art is an event – be it the Documenta, the Biennial, Frieze London, or Art Basel – where the motive seems to be to consume as much art as possible. On the other hand, there is hardly any contemporary art in museums for the simple reason that new art is simply unaffordable.
The authors make an open plea for a rethink – to move away from the monetary value of art and rediscover the true value!

Rights to “Das kann ich auch” sold to:
Prophet Press (Taiwan), Yoldaerim (Korea); Robin Book (Spain); Citic Press (Mainland China); Ayrinti Yayinlari (Turkey).

Christian Saehrendt

CHRISTIAN SAEHRENDT, geboren 1968 in Kassel, ist Historiker und Kunsthistoriker und wurde 2002 an der RuprechtKarls-Universität Heidelberg promoviert. Er lebt in Berlin und am Thuner See in der Schweiz. Bei DuMont erschienen u. a. 2015 ›Gefühlige Zeiten. Die zwanghafte Sehnsucht nach dem Echten‹ sowie seine gemeinsam mit Steen T. Kittl verfassten Bücher ›Das kann ich auch!‹ (2007/2013), ›Das sagt mir was!‹ (2008), ›Geier am Grabe van Goghs‹ (2010), ›Du hast die Haare schön!‹ (2014), ›Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? Vom wahren Wert der Kunst‹ (2016).