Tiere in der Stadt

Bernhard Kegel

Tiere in der Stadt

Eine Naturgeschichte

480 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9718-6



About 450 pages
Spring 2013

“Bernhard Kegel’s book is a love letter to the many different creatures great and small that are indigenous to the big cities as well as to the metropolises themselves. (…) The author gathers together enlightening studies and combines them with anecdotes and portraits in the best tradition of scientific journalism…. He elegantly avoids the danger of demanding too much from readers who are not fully-trained biologists.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Kegel is a master at transforming complicated subject matters (and the ecology is always complicated) into thrilling stories.”
Die Welt

The wilderness on our doorstep

Grey herons hunt alongside a Berlin underground station, foxes doze in the sun in Cologne’s Klingelpützpark and critically endangered grey-headed flying foxes hang in the trees near Sydney's famous opera house. The wilderness has conspicuously thrust its way into our cities; formerly shy animals have become a part of urban nature. An astonishing variety of species can be found between stone, concrete and asphalt. Nowhere else can so many different varieties of indigenous birds (over 150) be found in such a small area as in Berlin – not even in the much vaunted but intensely used landscape. How can this be explained? Are our cities blossoming into oases while the surrounding countryside is deteriorating into an agrarian desert? What does this diversity tell us about the quality of urban and rural environments? What characteristics must animals have and how must they change in order to be able to survive in our neighbourhoods? And how do such encounters influence our basic dealings with nature?
Bernhard Kegel takes us along on expeditions to urban nature, relating them in impressive and very vivid stories. In the process, he opens our eyes to the wilderness on our doorstep.

"Bernhard Kegel is masterful in instructing laypeople about complex biological contexts.” NDR

Bernhard Kegel

Bernhard Kegel, geboren 1953 in Berlin, studierte Chemie und Biologie an der Freien Universität Berlin. Seit 1993 veröffentlichte er mehrere Romane und Sachbücher, zuletzt er-schienen bei DuMont die Sachbücher ›Epigenetik‹ (2009), ›Tiere in der Stadt‹ (2013) und ›Die Herrscher der Welt‹ (2015). Bernhard Kegels Bücher wurden mit mehreren Publizistikpreisen ausgezeichnet. Der Autor lebt in Berlin.