Die Andere

Susanne Heinrich

Die Andere


280 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-8013-3

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A novel
About 260 pages

Spring 2007

Marion meets Daisy again by chance – in Paris, to where they both had escaped. Escaped from their lives, men, future. When they last met they were friends, but that was six years ago. The images of an intoxicating summer are nothing more than memory.

Once again down-to-earth Marion falls for the fascination of the other. Daisy is like a butterfly, flighty, unpredictable and beautiful, charmingly incompetent. She is in search of Viktor, whom she believed to have won over that previous summer.

In her first novel, set between Hamburg, Paris and the Provence, Susanne Heinrich creates a net of dangerous liaisons, an irresistible web of desires, intrigues and illusiveness. A net with only a violent way out.

Susanne Heinrich

Susanne Heinrich wurde 1985 in Leipzig geboren. Bei DuMont erschienen 2005 ihr Erzählband ›In den Farben der Nacht‹, außerdem die Romane ›Die Andere‹ (2007) und ›So, jetzt sind wir alle mal glücklich‹ (2009). Susanne Heinrich lebt in Berlin und ist Sängerin der Band ›watching me fall‹.