Amerikanische Gefühle

Susanne Heinrich

Amerikanische Gefühle

Geschichten von Frauen und Männern

304 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9631-8

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AMERIKANISCHE GEFÜHLE. Geschichten von Frauen und Männern/
AMERICAN EMOTIONS. Stories of Women and Men

300 pages
Spring 2011

Love could be so beautiful

Susanne Heinrich writes about men and women who have something in common: They are addicted to love. They give of themselves, let themselves be exploited and wounded. But when their scars have healed, they re-emerge even more beautiful and desirable than ever. In a circle of deceit and desire, they become junkies of their own misfortune. They are at their own mercy and dependent on each other at the same time. And every new encounter leaves them lonelier than before.
A woman deceives her husband in to have her affair tells her stories of an everyday life that already seems to her like reports from an alien world. A woman takes a trip in order to cope with a separation, but the trip becomes the start of a new farewell. And living out her sexual fantasies does not lead a broken relationship to the longed for fresh start, but to the final humiliation of all concerned.
In the world as drawn up by Susanne Heinrich, love has become a drug that can only unfold its effects after taking the highest doses: unbridled, brutal and full of desires for real emotions.

Susanne Heinrich

Susanne Heinrich wurde 1985 in Leipzig geboren. Bei DuMont erschienen 2005 ihr Erzählband ›In den Farben der Nacht‹, außerdem die Romane ›Die Andere‹ (2007) und ›So, jetzt sind wir alle mal glücklich‹ (2009). Susanne Heinrich lebt in Berlin und ist Sängerin der Band ›watching me fall‹.