Geier am Grabe van Goghs

Christian Saehrendt, Steen T. Kittl

Geier am Grabe van Goghs

und andere hässliche Geschichten aus der Welt der schönen Künste

304 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9093-4


Geier am Grabe van Goghs
und andere hässliche Geschichten aus der Welt der schönen Künste /
Vultures on Van Gogh’s Grave and other Nasty Stories from the World of the Fine Arts

About 280 pages with 50 Illustrations
Spring 2010

Art scandals – new disclosures by the successful duo

The art world is regarded as the embodiment of a superficial outer appearance in which cultivated connoisseurs, artists and art dealers cavort. Is the history of modern art really an endless success story with ever new innovations, brilliant artists and epoch-making exhibitions? The seasoned writers Kittl/Saehrendt look behind the glitzy facade, casting light on the dark side of art that can be just as crazy, wicked and brutal as “real” life itself.

Kittl/Saehrendt talk about cruel fates, criminal machinations and destructive attacks. From pornography and blasphemy, denun¬ciation and opportunism, murder and mayhem. It is an anthology that gives you the creeps and revolts you, makes you shake your head and ask questions – that furthermore knowledgeably, informatively and entertainingly explains the development of the modern art business.

Steen T. Kittl (born 1969) studied art in Kiel as well as cultural and art history in Berlin. He works as an art director and concept designer in the advertising industry.

Christian Saehrendt (born 1968) studied history and art history in Berlin and Heidelberg. Aside from his teaching positions, he works as an art historian and journalist.

Christian Saehrendt

CHRISTIAN SAEHRENDT, geboren 1968 in Kassel, ist Historiker und Kunsthistoriker und wurde 2002 an der RuprechtKarls-Universität Heidelberg promoviert. Er lebt in Berlin und am Thuner See in der Schweiz. Bei DuMont erschienen u. a. 2015 ›Gefühlige Zeiten. Die zwanghafte Sehnsucht nach dem Echten‹ sowie seine gemeinsam mit Steen T. Kittl verfassten Bücher ›Das kann ich auch!‹ (2007/2013), ›Das sagt mir was!‹ (2008), ›Geier am Grabe van Goghs‹ (2010), ›Du hast die Haare schön!‹ (2014), ›Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? Vom wahren Wert der Kunst‹ (2016).