Dorothee Elmiger



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A Novel
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Spring 2014

“Schlafgänger is a book for the adventurous who expects challenges, exertions and debates from literature... The experience that can be made by reading Schlafgänger is unique.” Felix Schneider, WOZ

"The book is as poetic as eminently political.”
Bettina Kluger, St. Galler Tagblatt

“Dorothee Elmiger’s novel Schlafgänger plays with the freedom of art... A decisively more appropriate reaction to the conditions, the astonishing simultaneity of occurrences, the juxtaposition of boat people and travellers on the lecture circuit, of art and literature, history and the present day, simply of everything that is the case is surely Dorothee Elmiger’s Schlafgänger.” - Tobias Lehmkuhl, Die Zeit

“Dorothee Elmiger has achieved something very rare, namely a convincing merger of politics and poetry. Schlafgänger is an elaborate discussion about questions concerning voluntary and forced immigration and emigration, about political and imagined boundaries... She succeeds in presenting a book in which the spheres of politics and poetry sparklingly overlap. It is a brilliant contribution to the debate.” Linus Schöpfer, Tagesanzeiger

Intense, political, combative: a novel about wealth and distribution, about migration and crossing boundaries

Somewhere deep in Europe’s forest they meet each other. Border crossers, smugglers, refugees, workers, asylum seekers, inspectors, artists, instrumentalists, actors, journalists, grant holders, logisticians, students and ghosts. They come from everywhere. They are all surrogates of our time and they are carrying on a conversation. They discuss one’s origins and justice, bodies and the state, import and export, home and migration, happiness, music and death.
Dorothee Elmiger has written a novel that sheds light on the controversial questions of our day. And she finds a language to do so that has not yet been heard in contemporary German literature.

“That these stories concern the present, the journalist says, must urgently be preserved in writing; it is a central point.”

Dorothee Elmiger was born in Wetzikon, Switzerland, in 1985 and grew up in Appenzell. She studied creative writing at the Schweizerisches Literaturinstitut in Biel and spent a semester abroad at the Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig. She is presently studying political science in Berlin. She had a grant from the Literaturkurs Klagenfurt in 2009 and her debut novel “Einladung an die Waghalsigen” (DuMont 2010) has been awarded with the Kelag Prize at the Ingeborg Bachmann Festival 2010, the Aspekte Litera-ture Prize 2010 and the Rauriser Literaturpreis 2011.

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Dorothee Elmiger

Dorothee Elmiger, geboren 1985, lebt und arbeitet zurzeit in der Schweiz. Ihr Roman ›Einladung an die Waghalsigen‹ (DuMont 2010) wurde für den Schweizer Buchpreis 2010 nominiert und mit dem aspekte-Literaturpreis für das beste deutschsprachige Prosadebüt ausgezeichnet. Im Jahr 2011 erhielt sie den Rauriser Literaturpreis.