Hotel Angst

John von Düffel

Hotel Angst


112 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9581-6

John von Düffel - HOTEL ANGST

Narration, with illustrations by Isabel Kreitz
112 pages

“There is no lack of books on fathers in this spring. John von Düffel’s narration is one of the nicest. Hotel Angst is more than a search-for-father-book. It is an obituary on a time, a homage to a place, the love story between a realistic dreamer and a hotel.” Die Welt

“Von Düffel manages to write a clear and quiet approach to the father without any artificial sentimentality. (...) profound and all the same entertaining.” dpa

It is a trip to the past, to Bordighera at the Italian Riviera, to the place, where the narrator has been so very often in his thoughts, to the “Hotel Angst” – named after his owner Adolf Angst, a luxury hotel built at the turn of the century, a Titanic among the most fashionable splendid hotels of the world.

Hotel Angst tells the story of a magical place, where the past lives and the memory of the father, who dreamed of reopening the Hotel Angst.

John von Düffel, playwright and translator, was born in 1966 in Göttingen. He works as a dramatist at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. For his hugely successful debut novel “Vom Wasser” (1998) John von Düffel was awarded – just to name a few - the Aspekte-Literatur Preis, the Ernst-Willner-Preis Klagenfurt and the Maria-Cassens-Preis Hamburg. His novels “Zeit des Verschwindens” (2000) and “Ego” (2001), “Houwelandt” (2004) as well as his collected essays “Wasser und andere Welten” (2002) were also published by DuMont.

previous books sold to:
France (Albin Michel), Italy (Mondadori), Finland (Otava), Korea (Dulnyouk), Spain (Planeta), The Netherlands (Prometheus)

Isabel Kreitz

Isabel Kreitz wurde 1967 in Hamburg geboren. Sie besuchte die Kunsthochschule in Hamburg und die Parssons School in New York und veröffentlichte u. a. die Graphic Novels ›Die Entdeckung der Currywurst‹ (1996, nach der Novelle von Uwe Timm), ›Der 35. Mai‹ (2006, nach Erich Kästner) und ›Die Sache mit Sorge‹ (2008). 2010 illustrierte sie für DuMont John von Düffels Erzählung ›Hotel Angst‹. Isabel Kreitz wurde mit den wichtigsten Preisen für Comic-Kunst ausgezeichnet, u. a. erhielt sie 1997 den 1. Deutschen Comic-Preis als beste deutschsprachige Comic-Künstlerin sowie 2008 den Max-und-Moritz-Preis und den Sondermann-Preis.