Erzähl es niemandem!

Lillian Crott Berthung, Randi Crott

Erzähl es niemandem!

Die Liebesgeschichte meiner Eltern

288 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9640-0


„ERZÄHL ES NIEMANDEM!“ Die Liebe meiner Eltern/
The Story of my Parent’s Love

Ca. 280 pages with illustrations
New in paperback spring 2013

over 230.000 copies sold!
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A unique contemporary document

“The moving testimony of private investigations as well as an informative document on the German occupation of Norway and the situation of the so-called ‘half-breeds.’” Jüdische Zeitung

A gripping love story

It is her parent’s passionate, complex and often painful love story that that Randi Crott tells here together with her mother. Only when she was 18-years-old did her mother tell her about the family’s secret: her father’s Jewish biography. She promises never to tell anyone. Decades later, after her father’s death, the WDR journalist felt free to tell the story for the first time.
Easter 1942: the 18-year-old Norwegian girl Lillian and the German soldier Helmut fall in love in Northern Norway. It is a forbidden love because the Germans are hated and the populace is suffering under the occupation. Lillian is also appalled about the crimes of the National Socialists and the Wehrmacht; she must find out from Helmut where he stands. He reveals to her that he is himself Jewish and that he had experienced many horrors and is now very fearful for his Jewish mother. He concealed himself in the Wehrmacht and, hiding his true identity, he lives in fear of being discovered. She must never tell anyone about what he has told her.
Discrete and lovingly, Randi Crott reconstructs her parent’s extraordinary but nevertheless exemplary love story – and sets off in search of the blind spot in her own biography. The horrors of European history are mirrored in this equally urgent and moving love story.

Randi Crott
Born 1951 in Wuppertal, Randi Crott is a radio and television reporter as well as moderator at WDR. She worked for example for the Aktuelle Stunde, the ARD Morgenmagazin and for III nach 9. Aside from hosting such programs as Talk and Literatur im Römer, she also made numerous films for Arte, 3sat and WDR, including ones on whale fishing in Norway, the East German director Winfried Junge and the European tour of a Chicago Blues band.

Lillian Crott Berthung
Born 1922 in the Northern Norwegian city of Harstad. Lives in Germany since 1947 where, aside from being a housewife and mother, she has worked as a translator and interpreter. Her volume of poetry “Det var en gang et lite sted” was published in 1989. She writes short stories for the Harstad Tidende daily newspaper. She now lives in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Rights sold to: Spartacus (Norwegian)

Randi Crott

Randi Crott, geboren 1951 in Wuppertal, ist Journalistin und arbeitet für Radio und Fernsehen. Sie war Moderatorin von WDR-Sendungen wie Mittagsmagazin, Montalk, Funkhausgespräche,, Literatur im Römer, Aktuelle Stunde, ARD-Radionacht der Hörbücher und 3 nach 9 und ist Autorin verschiedener Filme.