Reise durch einen einsamen Kontinent

Andreas Altmann

Reise durch einen einsamen Kontinent

Unterwegs in Kolumbien, Ecuador, Bolivien, Peru und Chile

272 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-7996-0

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Señora Botero de Mejia, an old woman roaming about the streets of Bogota and sharing food with the poorest; Xavier, a shoeshine boy in Ecuador interested in the mysteries of language; a jealous pensioner, or a devout 16 year old mother: out of their life stories Andreas Altmann destillates an unsentimental portrait of today’s South America and points out how close greed and destruction are to mercy and love. In Cali, he experiences the unbending will to live at a soccer match of blind players who chase a ringing ball. In Ayacucho, he meets sympathy personified in the 78 year old Angelica who supports the relatives of the Peruvian Age of Terror with her organisation Anfasep. And in Quito’s women’s prison he learns what loneliness means, when he meets Anna from Germany who is sentenced to eight years detention. Again and again, his sullenness about the state of the world mingles with his love for the people, their will to live, and their beauty.

Andreas Altmann has written a delightfully intense, witty, and reflective travel-book that is absorbing to the last page.

“Altmann does not judge, he shows sympathy and notices not only the misery, but alludes to wit, beauty and poesy, likewise.” Elke Heidenreich

“Altmann seeks close contact with the people, he is listening carefully, understands and makes his comments. Taking their beautiful, sad and sometimes funny stories, he creates a blurred, thought-provoking portrait of the Andean countries.” FAZ

“This work is an inspiration for a new kind of travelling: different and with alert senses -
wherever you head to.” Tagesspiegel

Andreas Altmann

Andreas Altmann lebt als Auslandsreporter und Reiseschriftsteller in Paris. Bei DuMont erschienen ›Reise durch einen einsamen Kontinent‹ (2007), ›Im Land der Regenbogenschlange‹ (2008), ›Sucht nach Leben‹ (2009), ›Im Land der Freien‹ (DuMont Taschenbuch 2010) und ›Triffst du Buddha, töte ihn!‹ (2010). Andreas Altmann wurde u.a. mit dem Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Preis, dem Seume-Literaturpreis und dem Reisebuch-Preis ausgezeichnet.