Matthias Altenburg


Anstiftung zum Ungehorsam

128 pages

First day of sale: 13.01.2016
ISBN 978-3-8321-9681-3


About 120 pp.
Autumn 2012

• How opinions come about
• How one becomes rich through poverty?
• What wars are good for?
• Why are our t-shirts too cheap?
• Why democracy is beautiful but strenuous?
• How we are lied to with the truth?

A thousand good reasons to be courageous

Whoever wants to change the world must understand it

People are protesting all over the world. They are demanding freedom, a just society, a strong global social system as well as policies that are not determined by the banks and multinational corporations.
On the occasion of the recent protest movements, Matthias Altenburg is examining the state of affairs. He explains the world to his 16-year-old daughter Paula die Welt, and provides more than just a few reasons to be disobedient, regardless of age.

Arguments for the resistance – The little book for the big rage

A handout for schoolchildren, students and teachers. And for everyone who want to continue thinking for themselves

Matthias Altenburg,
born 1958 in Fulda, studied literature and art history, and now lives as a freelance writer in Frankfurt am Main. He became known as the author of pointed essays and critiques, as a short story writer and – under the pseudonym Jan Seghers – as the author of highly-praised crime novels.

Matthias Altenburg

Matthias Altenburg alias Jan Seghers, geboren 1958 in Fulda, studierte Literaturwissenschaften und Kunstgeschichte und lebt als freier Schriftsteller in Frankfurt am Main. Er wurde bekannt als Verfasser pointierter Essays und Kritiken, als Erzähler und – unter dem Namen Jan Seghers – als Autor hochgelobter Kriminalromane.